Professional Development

Whether it’s a face to face session with an experienced educator, in classroom modeling of best practices, technology walk throughs, online courses, or a customized training created specifically for the technology, pedagogy and curriculum you use, ProComputing will work with your leadership team to create a professional development plan that is relevant for you.


Great tools depend on skilled implementers. Whether you are dealing with computer systems or audio visual equipment the goal is the same – to get the greatest return on your investment so you can reach more students and teachers.


Once you purchase a Promethean ActivBoard, you’ll need expert installers who understand every aspect of your environment, who can deliver on time, and who will create the least amount of disruption in your day. That’s where ProComputing’s team of certified professionals can help. We’ll review your site and then make a recommendation about the ideal placement of your Promethean ActivBoard. We’ll review electrical, cabling, and the load bearing limitations of your wall to ensure optimal performance and accessibility. We’ll manage every project based on your unique requirements.


While systems have come a long way in the last few years, it still takes a skilled professional to make sure all of the pieces work together. We’ll help you set up your printers, monitors, laptops and desktops to best support your school/district and the people who make it all work.  

Audio visual equipment

If you’ve ever attended an hour meeting only to lose the first 15 minutes to fiddling with the audio visual equipment, you know how important it is to have properly installed, configured, and tested equipment. It’s even more important when you have shared equipment that is passed between different administrators, teachers, students, and volunteers. We’ll take the time to set up each of your systems properly and then make sure your staff knows how to make them work.

Our goal is to help you bring 21st century learning to life as quickly and painlessly as possible.