Education Solutions
Interactive Whiteboards
Classrooms are filled with a wide range of students who think, perform and learn in distinctly different ways. Teachers are challenged to transform lessons from lecture-based monologues into dynamic, vibrant experiences. The ActivBoard series helps rivet the attention of dozens of distractible minds while inviting participation in classrooms around the world.
Learner Response Systems
In any classroom, testing, collaboration and in-class conversation are vital to learning. The typical questions -and-answer format takes on the whole new dimension with out interactive Learner Response Systems that help make assessment an easy, fun and immediately effective part of learning.
Interactive Tools
Promethean’s Interactive Tools are designed to offer endless versatility, enabling teachers to create custom solutions tailored to the individual goals and needs of any classroom, anywhere.
For classrooms of various sizes and configurations, labs, libraries or auditoriums, ProComputing offers a complete line of projectors that can match your options for function, image quality, performance and affordability.
Promethean’s award-winning software, ActivInspire, enables teachers to bring lessons to life via their interactive, multi-media whiteboard. Enhance group collaboration and teamwork in the classroom using Promethean’s Learner Response Systems and create differentiated lessons filled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class.
Professional Development
Whether it’s a face to face session with an experienced educator, in classroom modeling of best practices, technology walk throughs, online courses, or a customized training created specifically for the technology, pedagogy and curriculum you use, ProComputing will work with your leadership team to create a professional development plan that is relevant for you.
Classroom ModelMaker
The modern classroom is filled with digital natives conditioned to receive information in ways the traditional classroom never expected. Advances in classroom technology have allowed interactive instruction including sound, video, and instantaneous student responses. classroom ModelMaker is proud to introduce the next dimension in interactive learning, allowing students to create physical models from virtual data. From airplane wings to ancient pyramids, from a hands-on lesson in comparative anatomy to the creation of lithopanes, all curricula can be enhanced through physical modeling.
Digital Media Management
In 2005, two of the most progressive companies in K-12 education united, marking a milestone in visual learning. Library Video Company, the leading distributor of educational video and owner of Schlessinger Media, the leading publisher of educational video to schools in the U.S., acquired SAFARI Video Networks, the industry’s foremost Video-On-Demand authority. The convergence of the finest educational video content and the best in digital video networking resulted in SAFARI Montage, a product that has forever changed visual instruction in many of the country’s school districts.
Computers For Education
Lenovo PCs are in the hands of millions of elementary, middle, and high school students worldwide — from public schools to private academies.