Promethean 100 & 300 Series (Non Pro)

ActivBoard 100 Range

Learning journeys begin one step at a time, but even the most revolutionary efforts start with the basics. In the ActivClassroom, that’s a classroom-tough interactive whiteboard and software package that brings the elements of education to life in a big way. The ActivBoard 100 Range is a great place to start.

The ActivBoard 100 Range features color, motion and interactivity at an economical price right for any school. In two sizes and with room to grow, the ActivBoard 100 Range is a perfect starting point for building your ActivClassroom. Add ActivSound for teacher and student amplification that makes listening to the lesson less of a strain.

Choose ActivArena 50 to update to Dual-User functionaity and make collaboration at the board a part of the instructing. Finally, use our included ActivInspire Personal Edition software with inspirational resources, templates and activities to create a variety of educational experiences unlike any other. The possibilities are as vast as the landscape of learning. Travel at your own pace.

ActivBoard 300 Range

In the ActivClassroom, change is a welcome constant. Students grow and learn, curricula shift, ideas and methods evolve and back again. Education is always seeking what’s next, but every classroom has to start somewhere. That’s why we created the ActivBoard 300 Range—a solid foundation for your ever-evolving ActivClassroom then grows with you.

The ActivBoard 300 Range comes in three sizes including two widescreen formats, offers a classroom-tough screen, bright color, engaging movement and fixed or adjustable installations, and comes complete with ActivInspire Professional Edition software with inspirational resources, templates and activities. But the ActivBoard 300 Range also features a singular ability to pile on exciting extras as needed. Schools can easily add stereo sound, wireless connectivity and Dual-User functionality—whenever the time is right.