What is ActivInspire?

ActivInspire is the foundation for any 21st century teaching and learning experience. Software designed specifi cally for use with education technology, ActivInspire enables the teacher to lead the class on an interactive whiteboard, create new lessons fi lled with rich, powerful activities to grab the attention of the whole class, or work.

Why ActivInspire?

  • Creates the right learning environment for students
  • ActivInspire delivers new and extended learning opportunities, enhanced user collaboration and engagement feels intuitive and natural – use the right tool for the right task. An assortment of backgrounds, images and activities are included and ready for use.

  • Improves classroom productivity by design
  • ActivInspire enables teachers to support individual students, groups and whole classes. With fully functional, integrated tools like set square, spotlight and revealer – teachers deliver more eff ective lessons. It is quick and easy to instantly create question sets across multiple pages and fl ipcharts. Teachers and students gain immediate feedback on Assessment for Learning activities, via meaningful data.

  • Large variety of teacher resources
  • With curriculum-based templates and resources included, ActivInspire supports teachers from the start. Connectivity with Promethean Planet, the world’s largest interactive whiteboard community, allows teachers to download free or Publisher Created Resources for use in the classroom. Ease of use — ActivInspire’s intuitive interface allows teachers to easily create lessons, enhance collaboration and engage students through interactive tools.

Key Features

  • Enhanced Learner Response System functionality
  • Create a single question in seconds or generate multiple question sets easily

  • Dual User mode
  • Allows two users to simultaneously interact anywhere on the ActivBoard

  • Math tools
  • Use new tools with pen and touch capability when connected to an ActivBoard 500 Pro

  • Professional Edition
  • A fully featured version available for purchase includes pen and touch capability, Question Manager and Self-Paced Learning functionality

  • Personal Edition
  • Free download version available for teachers and students to use on a personal computer

  • Cross-platform
  • Windows, Mac and Linux