Learner Response Systems
Classroom participation is a huge part of the learning experience. It takes courage to speak up, and nearly psychic abilities to know who understands the lesson. The ActiVote focuses on assessment in learning and offers teachers and students a clearer answer—a friendly Learner Response System that makes sure every voice counts.

Download ActiVote Datasheet (pdf)

The ultimate collaborative learning tool, ActivExpression allows students to express themselves through words, numbers, symbols, Likert scales and more. Self-Paced Learning functionality encourages students to work at their own pace and level.

Download ActivExpression Datasheet (pdf)
It’s virtual and works on computers already in the classroom, making enhanced participation and instant assessment within reach for schools already outfitted with computer labs, mobile laptop carts or “one-to-one” initiatives.

Download ActivEngage Datasheet (pdf)