Promethean 500 Pro Interactive Whiteboards

The Next Generation Interactive Whiteboard that offers a true collaborative learning experience.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro system, an essential part of Promethean’s ActivClassroom, raises the standard for interactive display systems with its intuitive pen + touch capability. Students today expect the ability to engage interactively with information and technology. The ActivBoard 500 Pro’s new pen and touch technology and Windows 7 provides access to rich and engaging content creating an exciting classroom experience. The new ActivBoard 500 Pro system seamlessly integrates with a full range of ActivClassroom solutions and content. Promethean’s award winning ActivInspire software, provides teachers with easy access to a wealth of teaching resources such as math tools, sounds, templates, and gesture touch applications offering an interactive and engaging experience for today’s learners.

The ActivBoard 500 Pro promotes a natural way of interacting with technology modeled on real world behavior and gestures. It can accommodate multiple users collaborating on a single task – an essential student skill for the future. Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with finger touch in conjunction with real life “pen” tasks such as writing and drawing across the whole surface, increasing engagement. The ActivBoard 500 pro system is an all-in-one solution with your choice of 87” or 95” widescreen boards, including an integrated sound system and ActivInspire Professional Edition software. The ActivBoard 500 Pro range is available as a Fixed, Adjustable or Mobile System with a choice of Extreme Short Throw or Short Throw Projectors.

Why ActivBoard?

  • New and extended learning opportunities

    Multiple pen and touch technology with Windows 7 functionality opens a new world of rich, open content and learning opportunities. The ActivBoard 500 Pro is designed to deliver a new generation of applications and emerging technologies.

    Enhanced and engaging collaboration

    ActivBoard 500 Pro’s powerful multi-pen and multi-touch capabilities across the whole surface promote enhanced user collaboration and engagement.

    A natural way of working

    Teachers and learners will benefit from an intuitive and natural way of performing tasks with objects; modeled on real world behavior and gestures. ActivClassroom integration — ActivBoard 500 Pro seamlessly integrates with the ActivClassroom and Promethean software. With ActivInspire Professional Edition, teachers can access a wealth of teaching resources for learners of all ages; such as, math tools, question manager, a comprehensive library of images, sounds, templates and gesture touch applications available on Promethean Planet. Bring Microsoft PowerPoint® to life with Promethean ActivOffice, by improving presentations and enhancing classroom discussion and interaction.

Key Features

    • Multi-user and multi-touch input

      Can accommodate multiple users engaged with a single task – an essential student skill for the future. Images can be easily moved, scaled and rotated with finger touch in conjunction with real life “pen” tasks such as writing and drawing.

      Promethean Applications

      NoteBoard and TouchPad multi-touch educational applications to bring lessons alive, offering a compelling, immersive digital experience.


      Two USB ports make for easy connection of peripherals including printers, webcams and more.

      All-in-one solution

      ActivBoard 500 Pro System includes extreme-short throw or short-throw projector and the option of a fixed, adjustable or mobile stand.