About ProComputing

Our History

At ProComputing, we specialize in bringing the 21st Century learning environment to classrooms all over Texas.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped schools and educators prepare and embrace the kinds of change that make a difference in their students’ lives. Sometimes we are the teachers – sharing what we know, while other times we are the students – learning what you need. Regardless of the role, we are focused on making you and your students more successful.

Here’s what our dedicated team of professionals can offer you:

The right tools. We work with schools to find the best solutions for their teaching environments.

Applied research. We will demonstrate hands-on classroom experiences, based on documented research, designed to impact every student’s achievement.

Planning and implementation. Our comprehensive education plans include not just hardware, but also onsite classroom orientation, professional development, and implementation strategies for effective results.

Local support. We support Texas initiatives with local events including user groups focused on collaborative curriculum integration and effective classroom management.

Experienced installation experts. Our certified installation team applies the same level of care and focus to every implementation project, no matter the size.

Executive Team

Michael & Cherri McKinstry

Michael and Cherri McKinstry founded ProComputing in 1988. Over the past 20+ years they have worked together building a team of dedicated professionals to bring 21st century classrooms to Texas. As parents, they believe the saying “Our Children Are Our Future” and with their team strive to empower teachers to make our “Future” bright.
Vice President of Technical Services – Jim Isbell Jim Isbell graduated from UNT in 1989 with a BA degree and joined ProComputing in Oct. of 1990. He worked as an Apple service technician for many years. In 2004 he attained an Apple Certified System Administrator certification from Apple Computers. He is currently responsible for operations of all the Promethean installation activities throughout the state of Texas.

Success Stories

Texas School for the Deaf
“Having our students engaged in learning is a constant challenge,” said Mari Liles, Director of Technology for TSD. “Couple that with the advanced accountability and student achievement issues required by the No Child Left Behind federal education mandate, we really had our work cut out for us….
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Washoe County
“Students are more engaged because they can hear what is happening. All our teachers have noticed their voices do not suffer the strain they had experienced before. It has been a well-spent addition to our District’s budget. Adding teacher well-being and satisfaction is the frosting on the cake!”…
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Chalkboard Digitized in Fort Worth
When kids in Fort Worth head back to school, they’ll find new technology in the classroom. Teachers there have replaced the old chalkboards and whiteboards with new interactive digital boards…
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Sulphur Springs ISD
Sulphur Springs ISD is going high tech by trading in their chalk boards for more interactive ways to increase student achievement…
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How Will We Teach: What Will Schools Look Like a Decade from Now? (NBC News)
It’s difficult to predict how schools will change in the next ten years. Many districts have five year plans, but a decade is tough to forecast. One thing they know for sure is that classrooms of the future will be minus traditional textbooks…

Awards & Recognition

2009 Dedication & Commitment to Promethean Professional Development

2009 Fastest Growing Promethean Premier Partner

2009 Promethan Performance Achievement

2008 Promethan Performance Achievement

2007 Promethan Performance Achievement

2006 Promethan Performance Achievement

2005 Promethan Performance Achievement