Curriculum Solutions
ProComputing goes beyond the hardware and software to help integrate effective curriculum solutions that take advantage of technology in the classroom. Whether developing a plan to help struggling readers achieve new growth, incorporating cutting edge 3D technology into the anatomy lab or advising on grant implementations, ProComputing education technology consultants can find solutions to meet your needs.

AWARD Reading

On the Commissioner’s List for Electronic Instructional Material AWARD Reading is a pre-K – grade 3 technology and print literacy program that uses animated stories and skills activities to meet the needs of 21st-century learners.The interactive program is delivered online and has been scientifically proven to improve literacy rates by doubling the scores for students over a full year of learning. Used on interactive whiteboards, AWARD Reading provides exciting, effective learning for students.
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Lakeshore interactive

Lakeshore interactive software for Pre K–Grade 6 delivers exciting, standards-based content that students will love! Packed with interactive features, exciting sound effects, and dynamic graphics, our software is perfect for the 21st century learning environment. With dozens of titles covering math, reading and science, Lakeshore interactive software is distinguished by its strong content, intuitive design, and affordability. For 58 years, Lakeshore has been at the forefront of innovation in education and remains committed to providing products that foster a lifelong love of learning.

Cyber Science

Cyber Science 3D is a growing library of simulations in the areas of human anatomy, zoology, botany, biology, earth science, paleontology, chemistry and engineering, which are well suited for K-12 classrooms. This product line can be used with stereo 3D and non-stereo projectors, interactive white boards, and computers.

Channel One News InterActiv

A new classroom offering that combines interactive whiteboard technology and Promethean student response devices with Channel One’s award-winning daily current events programming, produced in partnership with CBS News.

Livescribe Education

Livescribe smartpens allow educators to easily capture daily written and verbal instruction and make it accessible to students any time, anywhere. Students can revisit instruction as many times as needed to build comprehension.