Digital Signage(Education)

The Pathways SM™ Kiosk Controller is an endpoint device that can manage up to four simultaneous incoming media streams and output all streams to one display device. This device supports all forms of H.264 streaming content and is ideal for anyone that wants to continuously run feeds of school news and events in common areas.


  • Managed digital video signage in common areas
  • Local and remote playback of H.264 media
  • Supports one to four simultaneous video feeds on a single display
  • Audio support for single or full-screen stream
  • Configurable duration for full-screen mode
  • Supports school-wide “All-Call” and “All-Off” features
  • Real-time status reporting viewable via SAFARI Montage server
  • Optional 4-switch keypad and 3.5 meter cable
  • Requires SAFARI Montage 4.0 and Pathways SM Module

  • 100% E-Rrate Eligable!
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